We pour our heart and soul into every project.  With 18 years of experience, we have mastered our craft.   Join us in protecting Mother Earth for generations to come with our Environmentally Friendly Maintenance Programs

It’s easier to ask what we don’t do! 

We will work with you to design and craft the landscape or garden of your dreams. 

Our Work

Patios, Walkways and Walls

Sculptural Elements and Water Features


Our Services


Weeding – We actually love weeding and will take on your weediest areas with gusto!

Scheduled Property Maintenance – Weekly, Monthly, or anytime in between.  We’ll come out as needed to make sure your property stays beautiful.

Pruning & Hedge trimming – Trained in ornamental pruning we take care of your shrubs and ornamental trees based on their specific requirements while honoring your preferences.

Mulching, Edging – Beds not only look sharp when properly edged and mulched but when done right will limit weeds and watering. We use excellent mulches, in the right amount.

Garden Beauty – The right plantings in the right places define a gardens beauty for the 4 seasons.  As true gardeners, we divide, transplant and add annuals as needed for each season.

Shrub & Tree Care – Regular inspections of your landscape investments to make sure they stay in good health is part of our maintenance programs. 

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~ From a small area to your whole property, we will design the perfect outdoor spaces for you.  Our comprehensive questionnaire combined with good listening skills and strong design talent will result in a plan based on your lifestyle and budget.   A good plan/design allows for staging projects over time. 


~There is nothing like the longevity and beauty of stone.  Walls, walkways, patios, boulder placement – stone is forever beautiful and needs little or no maintenance. 

Sustainable Lawns

~ After considerable research, we found a lawn grass suitable for our area that is drought tolerant, pest & disease resistant and requires minimal or no mowing. 

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We utilize electrical equipment, organic fertilizers, non toxic treatment programs.

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Water Features

Add a splash of H2O to your landscape! Fountains, Streams, Ponds, Waterfalls.

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Fire Features

Everybody needs a little fire in their life.  Custom firepits, gas fired electronic ignition systems or wood burning.

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Landscape Lighting is an art and when its done well you will experience a whole new property after dark.

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Green Roofing

More plants – Less waste

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Hardwood Decks

Leeds certified hardwood decking system
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Tick and Mosquito Control

All natural pest management 


Unique meditation gardens built for privacy, serenity and relaxation.


      Sara and her crew were great! They were super responsive and efficient. I could not be happier with their work.

    Tricia G.

      A+ work with my leaf removal project. Would highly recommend!

    Steve M.

      Sara and her crew were wonderful to work with. I spoke with a few others before settling on her; she was the most responsive, approachable, and specific with her ideas related to my needs. I have a black thumb, and I needed someone knowledgeable and patient to reimagine my front yard in a way that's both true to the architecture of my house and manageable for me to maintain. She did just that. Her crew worked so hard, and they made the most of every minute I paid for. Sara had a great rapport with her crew and worked right alongside them, but she also spent time teaching me things (pruning, how to set up a curbside garden, how to re-purpose some moss and an azalea, etc.). I appreciated that she didn't mind my hanging around while they worked. She was sensitive to my budget, giving me advice on how I could augment the design she had implemented on my own. I am so pleased with results and look forward to working with her on my back yard!

    Sarah E.

      Sara took the time to find out my personal likes and then paired them with plants that would do well in our garden environment for a more personalize look

    Stephanie M.

      Really enjoyed working with Sara. She was professional and sensitive to the environment.

    Richard B.

      Sara Erb of Heaven & Earth Landscaping did a spectacular job for us.

    My experience with landscapers in general has not been positive; I find they tend to oversell and overplant so things look good for the first year or so but then quickly overgrow into a crowded mess that requires continual corrective service.

    Sara wasn’t like that at all. She obviously loves her work and guided us expertly and patiently with professionalism and enthusiasm. Great tree and shrub recommendations and, notably, a crew that tackled two or three additional small tasks I needed but that weren’t part of the contracted scope ... but they finished early, I had paid for the workmen’s’ hours, and they just did it.

    Above and beyond service. Sara is now my go-to landscaper. Highly recommended.

    Russell R.

For inquiries

Email: Sara@heavenandearth.design

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